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Visit this site to find legal cable box converters. Why "rent" from the cable company when you can own your very own cable box that can save you lots of money over the long run. We have universal cable boxes that will work with almost every cable system. Stop by and check it out!

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The weak signal may cause a "snowy" or gray picture, or may even result in weak color or lack of color. Since most cable viewers use several different video components, it is recommended that an amplifier be used to restore the signal strength and the picture sharpens. In most cases, the amplifier brings the picture " back tocom to life " and restores itís original quality. Consider using a 10db amplifier to converter and tocom improve signal strength. 13. What happens when there isn''t a replacement for your cable company box? Most converter sources will carry the common brands. When your company doesnít carry your brand then you need to find out if they either have it in stock or have a source for your uncommon make and model.

Usually the source has another outlet or may need to do research on your request. 14. What are "bullets"? The terms "bullets" is very misleading and has grown way out of control in this industry. Cable companies transmit data, converter this is how all addressable tocom cable systems work. Both, cable companies and cable dealers alike use the term "bullet" to describe this transmission of data . Bullets are nothing more than transmitted converter signal which affects the cable box program. It does not fry the guts of the equipment but rather may shut the box off temporarily, reprogram the box, or shut the box down in an error mode. The box can easily be reset tocom by unplugging it for 15min. This will allow the unit to reset and correct any error that has occurred.

9. converter Cable terms: Basic cable, Premium cable, Pay-Per-View services? Basic cable service: the least expensive cable tocom service provided by cable companies to their customers. converter This service usually includes local TV channels which can be received directly from the broadcast signal of the TV stations. Premium cable service: additional tocom and converter programming service provided by the cable company to subscribing customers. The extra fee for such additional service may tocom be based on per channel, per group of channels , or any other combination of channels. Pay per view: selected channels that offer movies and special events such as sports or adult entertainment, converter for an additional fee, on a per movie or per program basis. A special "addressable " cable converter is furnished by the cable company to subscribers of this service.